Psyllids on Ceanothus cultivars in urban areas

Previously, Ceanothus psyllids have primarily been recorded from naturally-occurring Ceanothus in native chaparral and woodland habitats. Today, I observed for the first time a psyllid on a Ceanothus cultivar in a mostly urban habitat in Los Angeles county where Ceanothus does not grow naturally. Previous searches led me to incorrectly believe that psyllids were unlikely to be encountered in such situations.

Ceanothus psyllids are very diverse, especially in California, with over a dozen species in three genera. The psyllid I observed today was a nymph so further identification is unfortunately not possible. I'm interested in hopefully figuring out which species are taking advantage of such conditions.

Publicado el marzo 28, 2018 11:53 TARDE por psyllidhipster psyllidhipster


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