Moth families

Just a quick collection of moth families I've photographed to date and the families I've yet to find. Families denoted with an asterisk* are ones which I couldn't find Arizona records for. 42/79 North American moth families photographed (42/60 for AZ)

Family Adelidae - Fairy Moths
Family Heliozelidae - Shield Bearer Moths
*Family Incurvariidae - Leafcutter Moths
Family Prodoxidae - Yucca Moths

*Family Tridentaformidae
Family Alucitidae - Many-plume Moths

Family Bombycidae - Silkworm Moths

Family Sphingidae - Sphinx Moths

Family Saturniidae - Giant Silkworm and Royal Moths

Family Choreutidae - Metalmark Moths
Family Carposinidae - Fruitworm Moths
Family Copromorphidae - Tropical Fruitworm Moths
Family Cossidae - Carpenter and Leopard Moths

Family Doidae
Family Drepanidae - Hooktip and False Owlet Moths
*Family Epermeniidae - Fringe-tufted Moths
*Family Eriocraniidae - Eriocraniid Moths
*Family Galacticidae
Family Autostichidae

Family Batrachedridae

Family Blastobasidae - Scavenger Moths

Family Coleophoridae - Casebearer Moths

Family Cosmopterigidae - Cosmet Moths

Family Depressariidae

Family Elachistidae - Grass Miner Moths
Family Gelechiidae - Twirler Moths

*Family Lecithoceridae
Family Momphidae - Momphid Moths

Family Oecophoridae - Concealer Moths

*Family Pterolonchidae
Family Scythrididae - Flower Moths

*Family Stathmopodidae
*Family Douglasiidae - Douglas Moths
Family Geometridae - Geometrid Moths

Family Uraniidae - Swallowtail Moths
Family Bucculatricidae - Ribbed Cocoon-maker Moths

Family Gracillariidae - Leaf Blotch Miner Moths

Family Hepialidae - Ghost Moths
*Family Hyblaeidae - Teak Moths
Family Lasiocampidae - Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths

*Family Micropterigidae - Mandibulate Archaic Moths
Family Mimallonidae - Sack-bearer Moths
*Family Acanthopteroctetidae
*Family Opostegidae
Family Nepticulidae

Family Erebidae

Family Euteliidae

Family Noctuidae - Owlet Moths

Family Nolidae - Nolid Moths

Family Notodontidae - Prominent Moths

Family Pterophoridae - Plume Moths

Family Crambidae - Crambid Snout Moths

Family Pyralidae - Pyralid Moths

*Family Schreckensteiniidae - Bristle-legged Moths
Family Sesiidae - Clearwing Moths
Family Thyrididae - Window-winged Moths
Family Dryadaulidae - Dancing Moths

*Family Meessiidae
Family Psychidae - Bagworm Moths
Family Tineidae - Clothes Moths

Family Tischeriidae - Trumpet Leafminer Moths

Family Tortricidae - Tortricid Moths

*Family Urodidae - False Burnet Moths
Family Argyresthiidae - Shiny Head-Standing Moths
Family Attevidae - Tropical Ermine Moths

Family Bedelliidae

Family Glyphipterigidae - Sedge and False Diamondback Moths

Family Heliodinidae - Sun Moths

*Family Lyonetiidae - Lyonet Moths
Family Plutellidae - Diamondback Moths

Family Praydidae - False Ermine Moths
Family Yponomeutidae - Ermine Moths
Family Ypsolophidae

Family Dalceridae

*Family Epipyropidae - Planthopper Parasites
*Family Lacturidae - Tropical Burnet Moths
Family Limacodidae - Slug Caterpillar Moths

Family Megalopygidae - Flannel Moths

Family Zygaenidae - Leaf Skeletonizer Moths

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