Sharpshooter leafhoppers (Cicadellinae) of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Sharpshooters tend to be some of the larger, bolder, and most visible leafhoppers, and there's no shortage of them on Mount Lemmon. This collection is by no means comprehensive and the associated data is far from complete, but should serve as a good starting place for these hoppers in this region and surrounding areas.

  1. Hordnia atropunctata (blue-green sharpshooter)
    June-Sept. 7000-8800 feet. Polyphagous. Common.

  2. Hordnia aurora
    June. 5800-7600 feet. Common on undetermined host

  3. Sibovia compta
    June. 5800 feet. Common on undetermined host

  4. Cuerna arida
    June. 8000 feet. Common. I suspect there may be multiple Cuerna spp. in this range.

5-9. Neokolla spp. and similar brownish mottled sharpshooters
June. 5800-9000 feet. Common. I do not understand this group and I'm not positive that all of these individuals are congeneric, but I am including here all of the mottled brownish sharpshooters that may either belong to Neokolla or related genera. I don't know how many species are present in this range, but there appears to be either great variability or great diversity within this group.

10-13. A few more unknowns
A collection of distinct-looking hoppers which, despite my best efforts, have bested me in the search for an ID. Images 11 and 12 may be individual variations of the same species.

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