Butterfly Humility, Butterfly Achievement

Today, on my regular monthly hike in the state Audubon property, I saw ten species of butterflies that I could identify on my own. At the same time, at least a dozen more 'possibles' got away. I remarked, to Pati, the friend with whom I was hiking, how much this exercise humbled me. So I was surprised when I got home and had eleven definitive IDs. The best was the Satyr Comma that Pati spotted, that unfortunately flew before I could photograph it. Here are the ID'ed species:

Satyr Comma
Anise Swallowtail
Variable Checkerspot
Northern Checkerspot
Mylitta Crescent
Spring "Echo" Azure
Common Wood Nymph
Common Buckeye
California Sister
California Ringlet
Fiery Skipper

For all I know, I got some of these wrong, too. But I am pleased that I know something of all of these species, including the simple fact that they are locally possible and flying 'bout now.

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