Walk with friends at Huddart County Park, September 21

So I wanted to see how many of you might be interested, and be able to join me, for a long trail walk at Huddart County Park, prior to the BioBlitz at the end of the month. The only day I can do it (they are working me hard at my job, really!) is FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21. Using the attached Huddart county Park map, we'd be hiking from the intersection of the Richards Road Trail at Skyline (in the northwest corner of the park) along the whole trail to its terminus along the southeastern side. We'd need to coordinate to park at least one car down at that site, too (I have a park pass, so it might make the most sense to have it be my car). I've been told this is a difficult trail - but this is the downhill direction. For those who are not used to what it is like to hike with crazed obsessed naturalist, we cover about 2 miles every 3 hours. So this hike, which the park says is 3.5 miles, should take 4-6 hours for us slow pokes! Anyway, I am inviting most folks via a Facebook message, but since you folks are either not on FB, or I don't know you are out there, I am using this method, too.

Here's the link to the Huddart map


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Hey Jen, thanks for the invite but I'll have to be at work, chained to my desk :)

Publicado por clem hace más de 5 años

Throw off your chains! I understand...

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace más de 5 años

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