Wildlife Management Area- What should I bring? (Mostly me just talking to myself)

I plan on going with my Mammalogy class to a WMA in November. There's a few things I know I need to bring and some things I think I might need to buy. I'm wondering how I'll be able to get GPS coordinates on my phone if I have no service, data or otherwise? Will I just have to set the location as the WMA without specifics for my observations? They'll also be mist-netting so I'm wondering if I need to bring my rabies vaccine proof because I would like to help.

Things I have-
-Nice-ish camera (Fuji-film)
-Sleeping bag
-Epipen (fire ant allergy)
-Rubber work boots
-cargo pants (dunno where they are right now)

Things I need?-
-Snake hook
-Better hiking boots?
-Working gloves
-A copy of rabies vaccines?
-Dunk bag for any utensils

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Ooooooo!!!! I'm so envious of you. Is this to Elephant Mountain WMA? It's so great.

You should bring little tiny containers too -- even ziplock baggies or clear petri dishes - to get close-up shots of bugs. See if @pfau_tarleton has a few that you can borrow. :)

Have a blast! Take TONS of photos!

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Yesss it is. Good idea! And thank you so much!

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