VCE's New Citizen Science Outreach Naturalist Ready to Help You!

We're pleased to announce the addition of Nathaniel Sharp as our new outreach naturalist here at VCE. Over the next year, Nathaniel will be serving through a program called ECO AmeriCorps, a branch of AmeriCorps. Here VCE, he's available for questions about Vermont eBird, the Vermont Atlas of Life on iNaturalist, e-Butterfly, and other citizen science tools and projects here at VCE. Do you have a burning question about Vermont nature? Nathaniel can answer it or help find an answer for you! He will also be travelling throughout Vermont giving lectures and workshops about natural history and our citizen science projects. Learn more about Nathaniel and his experiences on the VCE Blog and reach out with questions or help anytime!

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Welcome aboard, Nathaniel! I'm looking forward to having some creative conversations with you about some local applications for iNaturalist through citizen science.

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