Butterflies and Moth ID links

Pacific Northwest- good descriptions of caterpillars in here.

Even better larval descriptions:

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Great resource! Thanks for the link.

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So helpful! Thanks so much!

A related butterfly and moth database is the National Wildlife Federation database matching butterflies and moths to their host/larval species. This database is searchable by zip code, plant species and/or butterfly and moth species. This data is based on a literature search by Doug Tallamy's team, funded by the US Forest Service. Some plant species are missing (based on a spot check), but if this is even 50% complete, then that is more info than those of us outside of Tallamy's mid-Atlantic states have had.

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Very cool! Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing. I have a hard copy of Miller and Hammond's 2003 book: Lepidoptera of the Pacific Northwest:Caterpillar and Adults and I use it a lot. It's online here: https://www.fs.fed.us/foresthealth/technology/pdfs/FHTET_03_11.pdf

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