Lichens of Southern Africa

Peggy and I are getting excited about our upcoming trip to South Africa in May-June. So I decided to take a preliminary look at what was out there in terms of lichens in that part of the world. I almost immediately happened onto this project -

The fellow who organizes this, @tonyrebelo , has written an introduction that aches for more members. Given that some of their common lichens there, such as Golden-eye, are ones we have, too, I figured there's no harm in informing my local lichen contacts of this project. I've joined already.

Lichen enthusiasts of the planet, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chain (ferns)!

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This sounds like GREAT fun, and I can’t wait to see the lichen and bird pix.

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The only book (well booklet) I know of to lichens of the area:

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I don't think I took an intentional picture of a single lichen when I was in SA, although there are some lichens on the branches along with bird! Not planning to go back any time soon. Alas.

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