Bay Area Happy Hour Friday Feb 22: Mad Oak Bar in Oakland

Alrighty, this week we'll be at Mad Oak Bar in Oakland, Friday at 6pm. This one's close to BART, so maybe it's a bit easier for some folks. Hope to see you there!

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How about one on the Peninsula - The San Mateo Posse wants it!

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Got a venue that you like?

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Hmm, let me check with the beer drinkers @gyrrlfalcon @sea-kangaroo @dpom

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The things I've been to so far in San Mateo County tend to be tiny or to rely heavily on outdoor seating, which is not ideal for groups or the rainy season. Devil's Canyon is cavernous, though can get pretty busy since their Friday food truck thing is locally very popular. Blue Oak is all indoors and has a reasonable amount of seating.

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Let's see, some other folks who might be interested: @leef, @primalux, @eddiebug , @hfabian, @adrained, @greenrosettas, @screws, @loloscheiner, @tlim, @baccharis, @kaldari.

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South Bay might be interested as well; easier to get and park up here than SF/EB. @merav @truthseqr @pdvmushroom

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Wish I could come, but will be in Jamaica. Thanks for the invite!!

Publicado por zygy hace casi 5 años

Maybe next time. Thanks!

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I'd love to come, but I'm in Arizona. Hope you'll do it in the Peninsula again!

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Sorry, I missed it, but hoping to make the next...

Publicado por adrained hace casi 5 años

I think one of the conclusions last week was that weekly was too much, so I don't think we're going to do it again for a month.

Publicado por kueda hace casi 5 años

FYI, we're moving this deal over to meetup: Hopefully that'll make it easier to get notifications about upcoming events for those who are interested.

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