new mountains (GDP landscape)

I drive a lot up and down Interstate 35 between Fort Worth and San Antonio. I don't do it because I hate the environment; I do it because there is no practical train option (train takes 8.5 hours down whereas it takes 4.5 hours to drive) or comprehensive system of public transportation at either end. Our concepts of space and modes of transportation developed differently here than in places limited by land, and the two have gone on to further entrench their styles and drag in auto, oil, political and other industries in an intertwining spiral downward toward environmental upheaval, displacement, and destruction.

In addition to driving a lot I also walk a lot. Despite being one of the largest states physically, Texas is more than 95% privately owned (Texas A&M statistic). A lot of the public parks I go to...are parks because they are unsuitable for building on. I'm not saying this to shit on Texas (and I'm sure the last part is true for a lot of other places). The point is the attitude of "capitalization" of the land by/for humans on such a short term scale of folly.

The majority of the organic non-human world we interact with does not operate on the same time-scale as us--it is infinitely smaller and infinitely larger. Some organisms live for one day, trees live for hundreds of years, the earth shifts over thousands or more, and species evolve toward suitable habitats over millions. As we inadvertently destroy it we are boxing ourselves in in unknown and completely irreversible ways.

Anyway, before I started rambling I was trying to write an introduction to a poem I recently wrote on the way down from Fort Worth.

man-made plateaus climb
each Monday and Thursday
my neighborhood adds its share

     the acrid essence passes
     through the vents
     as I drive
     past all discarded signs
     of a successful, steady economic climb

I came to this shop to try and clear my head and look for new careers but the more I try to integrate in this society I've always felt unfamiliar with the more I just want to leave and be somewhere I'm obviously not a part of.

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