Pacific Newt Roadkill: 27 found dead today; no live ones seen

March 30, 2019 (Saturday) 9:00 am – 11:30 am

I found 27 fresh newt carcasses today and 36 partially decomposed ones. I’ll have to compare the decomposed ones to previous observations to ensure no duplicates are added to the project. This may take days or weeks to complete.
It looks like the migration season is slowly coming to an end. Thank goodness!!! I’ll stop taking roadkill counts when there are fewer than 5 carcasses on two consecutive survey dates. I hope this population survives.


Other roadkill: Sierran Tree Frog

Coverage: (~100%) St. Joseph’s Hill OSP to Aldercroft Heights Rd.

Rainfall: (MTD: 5.09 in; YTD: 24.25 in) It was cool and sunny this morning.

Traffic: This was the first time since rowing season started that there wasn’t a steady stream of speeding cars on Alma Bridge Rd. from the park entrance to the Los Gatos Rowing Club (LGRC). There was a lot of activity around the Lexington County boat launch area. I’m hoping the LGRC took my suggestion and worked out a way to launch their boats from the county boat launch area. That would significantly reduce the traffic on Alma Bridge Rd. on the weekends. This is the best news I’ve heard in months. The roadside parking spaces were all nearly full (~60 cars) from St. Joseph’s Hill OSP to LGRC. Minimal traffic (5-10 vehicles) south of LGRC.

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