Psyllid species on BugGuide but not yet on iNat

iNat's representation of psyllid diversity continues to grow, currently represented by 211 species globally and 118 species in North America (about a third of the US fauna). But there are still holes, especially in central/eastern USA as well as Alaska, and 31 nearctic species are still absent on iNat despite being present on BugGuide. Let's fill the gaps!

Aphalara monticola - western Canada
Aphalara persicaria - eastern USA
Craspedolepta angustipennis - widespread on Achillea millefolium
Craspedolepta schwarzi - Canada and Alaska on Chamaenerion angustifolium
Craspedolepta suaedae - southwestern USA on Suaeda
Craspedolepta subpunctata - Canada and Alaska on Chamaenerion angustifolium
Gyropsylla ilecis - conspicuous gall inducers on Ilex vomitoria from FL to TX. It's possible the galls may already be on iNat but unidentified
Pachypsylla celtidisinteneris - central US from OH-KS-TX on Celtis
Pachypsylla cohabitans - widespread eastern US on Celtis - look for very lumpy nipple galls!

Calophya flavida - eastern USA on Rhus glabra

Livia bifasciata - northeastern USA and Canada on Juncus canadensis
Livia maculipennis - northeastern USA and Canada on Juncus acuminatus
Livia saltatrix - northeastern USA and Canada on Carex
Livia vernaliforma - western USA on Carex
Livia vernalis added 5/7/19 by mokennon

Pseudophacopteron - AZ, FL. Host unknown
Notes: iNat currently has no photos of this entire family from any region

Amorphicola pallida - Central USA (IA, MN, KS, NE) on Amorpha canescens
Cacopsylla fatsiae - CA, BC on Fatsia japonica (introduced)
Cacopsylla negundinis - NM east to OH north to AB & MB, on Acer negundo
Cacopsylla ribesiae - Western USA on Ribes
Cacopsylla sinuata - Canada and Alaska on Salix
Cacopsylla striata - northern USA and Canada on Betula
Psylla betulaenanae - Alaska on Betula nana

Bactericera athenae - FL, KS, IN. Host unknown
Calinda longicaudata - AZ-TX on Baccharis pteronioides
Ceropsylla sideroxyli - gall inducer in South Florida on Sideroxylon foetidissimum
Hemitrioza sonchi - eastern US supposedly on Sonchus arvensis (?)
Heterotrioza chenopodii - adventive on Chenopodium
Neotriozella pyrifolii - eastern US, host unknown.
Trioza aylmeriae - northern US and Canada on Amelanchier
Trioza quadripunctata - widespread on Urtica

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