And now, forward... De Kay's Brownsnake

Several people got into the swing of using iNaturalist over the last few weeks within our beautiful park as it moves into full spring/late spring. The park looks absolutely gorgeous... and that is because it is absolutely gorgeous!

I hope everyone is enjoying using iNaturalist (iNat). If you have any questions, always feel free to ask me. On any observation page you can just write in a comment @susanhewitt, and I should automatically be notified. Or, if you know my regular email address, please go ahead and email me.

In recent weeks in our lovely park, there were two early morning sightings of an extremely small, mild, well-behaved and totally harmless native species, DeKay's Brownsnake. The entire park staff should be proud to know that Carl Schurz Park serves as home to this species, because it is an indicator of really excellent habitat quality! Very few Manhattan parks have this species; it has not been recorded so far in Central Park. This cute little reptile eats slugs and snails, and therefore is the gardener's friend.

Here is a picture of a nice one from Illinois:

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