What a Wondrous Place It Is! Some Thoughts on the Trails so far.

The PCCP project continues to grow, producing notable results. We are over 1000 observations and 300 species. I am still in the process of making it automatic, so keep entering your sightings here manually. I will keep planning more and more mega-hikes, but here are some of my observations so far.

1) The two-cars-parked-in-separate-locations strategy produces a very fine loop as follows:
Tarweed Parking area, then down the Shingle Mill Trail to the Pomponio Trail east, into Portola Redwoods State Park. Mostly downhill and a nice variety of habitats. (Following the trailmarker numbers, this is 46 to 73 to 74 to 77).

2) The Tarweed Trail loop is wonderful for the first half, but all uphill in the second, following these trailmarker numbers: 45 to 53 to 71 to 72 and back to 45/46. Only one car required, but that way back along the road is looong.

3) Parking at Portola Redwoods, access past the Iverson Cabin site (the Cabin, btw, is no longer there) to 82 and 83 is short but fun for that reason. I didn't go up the road to 80 yet, let alone 79.

4) The walk from Hoffman Creek Trailhead to Worley Flat - and Worley Flat itself, has some meadows intermixed with Redwood (trailmarker numbers 48 to 58 to 49). I've not yet experimented much beyond that.

5) Dropping down into PCCP from Sam McDonald is time-consuming, since it is minimally 1.6 miles to get to the border between the parks from either the Heritage Grove parking or the main parking lot at Sam McDonald. The borderline between the parks is just past trailmarker 33. What I can say is that it is interesting once you get there, but I haven't explored much in this direction yet.

Please add your thoughts on specific trails - and let me know who's ready to do Old Haul Road in its entirety with two cars!

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