Back to ID'ing! :) Regional experience with the local organisms.

After the City Nature Challenge at the end of April, I was a little worn out from doing ID's. I did around 7k ID's during the CNC, and took a loooong break from regularly scrolling through observations.

Now, I'm back! :) I focus almost all of my time to my 'region.' This is the DFW metroplex, and a bit larger area, the "Cross Timbers and Blackland Prairies ecoregion."

I try my best to go through all of the observations made in this region... I search both the ones that are already 'research grade' and 'needs ID.'

I then search through each day with a calendar that I cross out.. So far, I've hit just a couple weeks, but it's good to be back. :) Just a few more months of observations to search through!

I wish I could devote more time to a larger 'region' or a taxon, but for the time being, I think it's best that I focus on my general 'region.' It's a good way to become more familiar with the organisms I'd likely find as I go outside locally.

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Thanks for all the hard work you do on here and in our community, Sam!

Publicado por jessetate hace casi 5 años

It's so valuable for regional experts to lend their expertise -- thanks Sam!

Publicado por sullivanribbit hace casi 5 años

Thanks, Sam! I've been focusing on making IDs lately too, because it's too hot outside to make observations without falling over from heat stroke.

Publicado por cosmiccat hace casi 5 años

I had missed doing the ID's! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 5 años

Welcome back Sam...& thank you!

Publicado por postoak hace casi 5 años

We all missed you! It's so good to have your expertise.

Publicado por suz hace casi 5 años

Welcome back, Sam though I am not in your area of emphasis. I have been doing more IDs lately because, like @cosmiccat said... It is just so blasted hot outside and the plants are stressed or super crispy with the drought.
I actually enjoy IDing. or rather, just looking at all the TX observations. It is a really great way to learn.

Publicado por connlindajo hace casi 5 años

Glad you’re back! I got lots.

Publicado por rozzychan hace casi 5 años

Been missing you, Sam! Glad you're back!

Publicado por troutlily57 hace casi 5 años

Thanks for all your hard work!

I plow through unknowns in the DFW area and put to high level IDs, like fuzzy spiders :P

Publicado por clay_s hace casi 5 años

You do awesome work. I learn a lot by following your posts

Publicado por texslm hace casi 5 años

Thanks for identifying things, sam! Also, the dfw area is quite diverse so knowing everything about its wildlife is quite an undertaking.

Publicado por tgbirdnerd hace casi 5 años

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