Syrphini - Southwestern USA

@upupa-epops and I are excited to share this guide to common Syrphini of the Southwestern USA! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated.

To help improve identifications using this guide:,50,40,52,9,34

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Based on our interactions on iNaturalist, I think you might enjoy this guide to identify your personal observations or others'.

Publicado por edanko hace casi 4 años

Very cool! Does this cover Syrphini from the entirety of the listed states, e.g. even the parts of California that are more a part of the Pacific Northwest?

Publicado por kueda hace casi 4 años

Nice work!

Publicado por myelaphus hace casi 4 años

The diagnosis for each species should be equally valid throughout the listed states. Only at least somewhat common species from each area have been included--a more extensive, and correspondingly more impenetrable, set of notes is linked on the references slide for rare species. @kueda

Publicado por edanko hace casi 4 años

Wow, that really is a clean way to show species compared to what I have usually found.

Publicado por glmory hace casi 4 años

Thanks Even!

Publicado por tiwane hace casi 4 años

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Publicado por kwolgemuth hace casi 4 años

Excellent ! Makes me want to get back to the States and get out into the wilds.

Publicado por steve_kerr hace casi 4 años

Well thought out. Concise and comfortable from the start

Publicado por rmyoshihara hace casi 4 años

Cool! Thank you very much for doing this! This will help me a lot!

Publicado por bug_girl hace casi 4 años

Thank you very much for taking the time to make this and to share it. The photos with explanatory labels will help a lot!

Publicado por trickykid1 hace casi 4 años

I've added an Identify link above for anyone interested.

Publicado por edanko hace casi 4 años

Very happy to have this, thanks so much. No more shooting in the dark!

Publicado por garth_harwood hace casi 4 años

@trinaroberts shared this great guide with me, thank you!!

Publicado por andreacala hace casi 4 años

Now covering all common Southwestern Syrphidae :

Publicado por edanko hace más de 3 años

(thumbnails were added based on recent feedback). They are nice...

Publicado por edanko hace más de 3 años

Fantastic!! The thumbnails are really helpful. Many thanks for such a wonderful resource.

Publicado por andreacala hace más de 3 años

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