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Just for the record. Why did we choose the banner for this project?

The picture shows Fynbos on the hill in front.
In the foreground along the road is Fountain Grass (from N Africa).
In the background we can see a Pine (probably P. pinaster - from plantings in the early 20th Century originally from Portugal, or P. radiata from plantings in the latter 20th Century from California) invading the veld.
On the right, the pines are invading a dense infestation of Silky Needlebush (Hakea sericea) from Australia.
In the distant backgrond the mountain slopes show some peaks invaded with pines, and others relatively clean.
A few gums (Eucalyptus) are visible in the centre. A few people still maintain that they are not invasive, but they need to get out into the veld more often.
Not visible in the valley below are the dense infestations of Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii).

Of the visible species, we only have biocontrols for the Needlebushes. As you can see in the picture: biocontrol on its own is not really useful: it needs some human intervention in most cases!.

Grasses dont seem to get much attention.

And the sivicultural industry has blocked the release of biocontrols on the pines. Studies have been done and species are available, but final testing in South Africa has not been allowed. Pinus radiata is accumulating pests -which will function as biocontrol - by trade.

And some serious Gum pests have helped (and new ones continue to arrive) keep some species of Gums partly under control.

All our wattles have really effective biocontrols, and hopefully these will be augmented until efficient control is achieved.

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