Portland... WOW!

So, I just got back from an AMAZING conference (American Trails) in Portland. I sneaked off every now and then to explore some of the parks, and wow. Portland has a LOT of really neat plants and animals! I spotted a lot of lifers -- many of which I don't yet know what they are. :) All I know is that they're new to me! Stay tuned for a pretty big upload of new observations.

Anyways, I didn't get on iNat too too much, so I have quite a few notifications to go through. Sorry I haven't gotten to these sooner -- if you posted a shot from the bioblitz last Saturday, I'll be going through those too!

It's been a great week. :)

Now, time for a nap! (took the day off from work to rest)

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It's always a great feeling when you are able to load up on life listers. Even better when you unexpectedly rake in plenty of new lifers in a short time frame.

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Totally agree, Matt -- it was like going into a whole new land. :)

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