November ideas (aka Election Day distractions)

Hello all,
I think you know Andrea and I ventured out this morning to Paramount Ranch since I haven't been there in years/decades. She was kind enough to show me around and help me make observations that represent new life list species on iNat for me -- thank you, Andrea. No bobcats today, though we did find scat. The highlight for us were the two Northern Harriers, who despite being mobbed by crows, showed that this was their territory and were not to be driven off. Check out our observations on iNat for Andrea's wonderful photos.

Meanwhile, we don't have a theme for the month, and I know some of you aren't into it so much. Hence, this might be more for Andrea and I especially since we started a little of it this morning. Specifically, Andrea wanted to show me a certain lichen I hadn't yet observed and she had found there in the past. Yup, you guessed it, I'm proposing lichen observations. And, we're in luck because Andrea would like to show off a great spot named, Sage ____, somewhere in the north San Fernando Valley where we can find a nice variety of lichens to photograph.

This might be too far for you to join in, but please chime in if you are interested and we can find a good date for a field trip. Otherwise, the fun thing is that lichen can be found in so many places and I bet you will find some during your outings sometime this month. If so, please add them to our project.

Anyone with December ideas, please share :)
Stay safe and big hugs,

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Tracy, I think you are the first to make lichen observations so far, please add to our project :). Wish I could help in the ID department, but I have a lot to learn in the lichen department. I confess, I haven't been out to a trail since my outing at Paramount with Andrea, so I have yet to add any lichen observations.

Hope you all are resting well, stay safe, and celebrating our collective good news (if that is your leaning).

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Not surprisingly, given extraordinary TV hours, I missed this post but came here to our group just now to propose the same. Lichens, and mushrooms. Inspired by Tracy's observations, one of which I just added. Challenging this time of the year in our area, but worthwhile. I hope we can recruit mossgeek to help us with IDs. The field trip would be to Sage Ranch (Fungi including Lichens observations:, which I know quite well.
But wherever we find ourselves, Lichens are present. Like this one,, found where everything else is dry.
As a second idea for November, possibly December, is changing leaves. Even though we're in an area of predominantly evergreen trees and shrubs, some drop their leaves, like Walnut, and Western Sycamore. Great photo subjects, moody, seasonal, possibly fun to document.
As far as I'm concerned, The Call yesterday was a huge relief. Not that things will get instantly better, but at least we have a chance now.

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Love those fungi and lichen observations! Let's choose some dates and see who wants to join...I hope Kim, Tracy, Susan might have an interest if we can find a convenient day/time.

I'm pretty flexible :)

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