King Tidepooling

Good day!

I took advantage of the low tide yesterday and scouted Point Fermin. Happy to report that it wasn't overly peopled once you round the bend, putting the Cabrillo Beach path out of sight.

There was a secondary grouping of people around Sunken City (selfies galore). I saw a young man atop the cliff running to stop a child of about 4 from going over. One grown man was creating his own way back down the cliff, sending sand and small rock to his buddies egging him on below. Good observation location for anthropology students (!).

I had most of the tide pools to myself. Sweet. Even sweeter was finally seeing a giant keyhole limpet. Three no less! Tons of purple sea urchins...took me a while to see them. Many were hidden in crevices or seemed to have pulled debris over them (which worked to fool me at first). And thanks for the sea hare fairy dust -- saw a bunch!

Parking is easy there and costs $1/hour (credit card; no need to key in your license). There were some shady characters under the trees along the paved path to the beach (path starts next to the parking entrance off Oliver Vickery Circle Way). They were simple to avoid by going straight to the beach via the Cabrillo Beach Bath House building. Also, good to know that there's a large lifeguard building on the other side of the Bath House.

Hopefully this is helpful. I would love to explore with you but that's TBD as my schedule for this next month is currently in flux. Fingers crossed ;-)

PS: I wonder if there's less scavenging going on here because of the algae. There is a prevalence of lithothamnion on rock and creatures. Less appetizing for sure.

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Thank you for the great scout report! I hope you can make it for the King Tide in December... if the beaches are even open then. By the rate things are going, we could face another stay at home order with beaches, parks and trails closed. I hope the curfew now helps...

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