Birding and Baseball

I really love birding while at baseball games. It is like a Big Sit with entertainment. I've attended more games at the Oakland Coliseum than any other venue, and it has a few good features - a wide-open sky, a large adjacent parking lot, and a moat around that lot. So water birds - like herons and egrets - can occur, as well as birds of prey and plenty of gulls.
Today's game in Oakland was poor in number of species, but it generated a new bird to my Coliseum list - a Belted Kingfisher! It makes some sense that it would be there, because of the moat, but not to fly over the stadium silently while a game was in progress. Peggy spotted it first, and through some miracle I got a poor-but-still-identifiable picture.

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Martín Pescador Norteño (Megaceryle alcyon)




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Pretty darn cool to see flying over the ballpark!


@floydted - we were very excited to add a bird to the Coliseum list!

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Get 'em while the gettin's good, Jennifer. Because BEKI is a lot less likely in Las Vegas, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hey, did you know @hannahfloyd_naturalist is presenting an iNat webinar to Western Field Ornithologists later this week?

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That's GREAT news re. @hannahfloyd_naturalist ! Spread the word!
And yeah, soon I fear my Oakland Coliseum list will be an historical artifact.

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