Thanks for being an iNaturalist and sharing with this project

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has recently joined this project and everyone who has been participating in iNaturalist for some time.

Sharing your biodiversity sightings with this project enables us to see all the amazing creatures and plants and fungi and lifeforms that live in our amazingly diverse city.

So far we have 3674 observations of 1356 species from 28 observers in this group. That is an incredible observation effort, particularly in showcasing the diversity of invertebrates, and so far I think we have the most observations recorded amongst Land for Wildlife Council's in South East Queensland and who have an iNaturalist project. The Sunshine Coast Nature Challenge has recorded 330 or so more species than we have recorded so far.

The Great Southern Bioblitz - Brisbane 2021 happened over 22-25 October and while there is still the rest of this week for people to upload sightings into iNaturalist before they call the final tally, in Brisbane it seems like many of observations came from you, our community of dedicated WCPP iNaturalists.
Thank you if you joined up to the Great Southern Biobliz project as well.

If you are waiting for identification assistance for your sightings, we are trying to check this project regularly, but we may not see your post given the high volume of sightings, so please contact us direct to let us know if you need an ID.

Please know that you can send messages to the WCPP team within iNaturalist if you log in on a computer or you can contact your Land for Wildlife Officer on our individual email address or email

Thanks again and keep up the great observation work,

Kinds regards, the WCPP team

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