The Bay Area Mycoblitz is back! January 22-28

Greetings fellow fungiphiles!

Back by popular demand and unpopular virus, it's the Bay Area MycoBlitz!

This is a virtual collecting event leading up to the 6th annual and second virtual Tilden Fungus Fair.

The idea is to go out and "collect" specimens via iNat in the week leading up to the event, then during the event we'll review the highlights of the mycoblitz and recognize the top observers, top identifiers, and most commonly observed species.

Fun side note: since this is virtual collecting, you can go to all your favorite parks that don't allow actual collecting since you are only photo-documenting species!

To participate, simply go out in the project area beginning Saturday, January 22 and observe fungi! Remember to capture salient features such as the gills / hymenophore, stipe attachment, substrate, etc., so that we can identify them via photographs. Your observations will be automatically added to the project. Observations will end at 11am, Saturday January 29, when the live event begins.

Happy collecting!

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How do you define "Bay Area" geographically? I want to make sure I am contributing on those days!

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