Friday: Birds

Today is the final day of our 3rd annual BioBlitz...let's finish strong! As of this morning, we have identified 358 species of plants and animals across the far north as Franklin Lakes and as far south as Cape May. The winner of our "mammal in a tree" challenge is christina1222 for their observation of a cute Eastern Chipmunk gripping on to the side of a tree trunk. Other mammals observed so fare include Groundhog, White-tailed Deer, Eastern Cottontail, Eastern Gray Squirrel, and American Beaver.

Today (Friday) we are highlighting birds. New Jersey is one of the best states for birding due to our diversity of habitats and location along the Atlantic flyway. Right now, some birds in our state are continuing their migration northward while others are already nesting. Today’s BioBlitz challenge: submit an observation of a bird pair (male and female) together.

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