Key to the Didea, Dideomima, Asiodidea and Megasyrphus of the World

These are the Syrphine genera with a dipped radial vein.

This has been a bit of a challenge, but quite a lot of fun. Use this key with caution of course, some of these species are very poorly known, others very variable. The genus Didea in particular I think needs revision, and who knows if geographic variation is hiding distinct species currently under the same name?

Anyway, I hope at least this disseminates some information about these rather nice species.

Publicado el junio 13, 2022 10:54 TARDE por matthewvosper matthewvosper


Are there multiple Dideomima species in Arizona?

Publicado por edanko hace casi 2 años

I honestly don't know - it would be lovely for the info to be published at some point

Publicado por matthewvosper hace casi 2 años

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