For the Annals of Dubious Achievements, Part 3

Yesterday I reached my 50,000th observation on iNat. It was this small Giant, seen along a creek in Santa Clara County, CA. Since this all started with herps for me, that seemed appropriate. My first entry was on Sept. 13th, 2011, so I've been at this nearly eleven years, minus a few days. Weird.

Publicado el septiembre 7, 2022 02:54 TARDE por jmaughn jmaughn


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Salamandra Gigante de California (Dicamptodon ensatus)




Wow!!! Very impressive @jmaughn!

Publicado por truthseqr hace más de 1 año

Congratulations, James! And you haven't missed a day since starting?

Publicado por sekihiker hace más de 1 año

Not since April of 2013.

Publicado por jmaughn hace más de 1 año

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