September 22, 2022

Back to being dry and hot. I have reached 400 different species identified on the 175 Lafitte prairie.

Right now Bidens, late boneset and Maximillia sunflowers are blooming. The goldenrod is not far behind.

Late boneset seems to be the best pollinator attractor this month. Buckeye butterflies and larger bees are often seen on it.

Yesterday I did a butterfly survey. Fall appears to be the best time for butterflies on the prairie. The following butterflies were seen in a 10 minute walk:
Gulf frilliary=10+
fiery skipper 10+
giant swallowtail 1
pipevine swallowtail 1
viceroy 3
hairstreak 1
buckeye 5+
sachem 1
pearl crescent 5+
phanon crescent 5+

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