December 17 2022 P-22 RIP

I write this post with a heavy heart. Today world famous urban mountain lion P-22 was euthanized after being captured about a week ago due to a number of issues. At 12 years old, he was old for a male mountain lion, able to survive that long by staying in a very small area where he had no competitors. At the same time, that small area meant that he was not only landlocked on a small island but that he was able to produce no offspring since no other lion has been able to cross two major highways safely nor could he safely leave.

Though I never saw him, just knowing he was nearby made my world a richer place. I always dreamed of seeing him but now I never will. Fortunately there are more mountain lions out there but their existence in this highly urban environment is in peril. The fragmented habitat, the human barriers, the people who still use rat poison that works its way up the food chain...all of these threaten our mountain lion population as well as so much other wildlife. Inbreeding is occurring as these beautiful animals are unable to safely travel to find new mates.

Thanks in part to P-22, Los Angeles is now building a wildlife bridge which I hope will help our animals. But that is only one bridge in one area. I hope, if nothing else, the legacy of P-22 will be to bring more awareness and appreciation of wildlife to more people. These animals were here long before us. It would be very sad if because of us, they are unable to call this area home.

I'm so glad you were here, P-22! You will be missed.

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Thanks so much for this write up. I'm sure it more of a cathartic write than to be seen by anybody, but I appreciate it regardless. Quiet sad we lost such an icon, but seems like it was for the best for his safety and the public.

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Thanks for your comment. Right, I just wanted to memorialize him and hope that his popularity will bring some greater appreciation and care for wildlife.

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