February 2023

It has been wet and I have not been able to burn the Prairie. Also, I have not gotten any pictures of birds, but I do have a list of birds that I have seen.
Cedar Wax wing
Red Wing Blackbird
American Robin
Northern Cardinal
Blue Jay
Eastern Bluebird
Black Capped chickadee
Red Tailed hawk
Brown Thrush
American goldfinch
several different sparrows

Also a couple of Gray Squirrels.

I have bird feeders in the back and the other day as soon as I was done filling the feeders a huge flock of Red winged blackbirds flew in and started eating. I got frustrated, because I am wanting different bird. But then I thought about it. My grandkids may hear stories about the great flocks of redwing blackbirds like I hear about the great flocks of passenger pigeons.

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