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General Articles
Optimise your own observations for the UK Hoverfly Recording Scheme <= PLEASE READ THIS!
Is it a hoverfly?
UK Hoverfly Resources
Determining and Annotating the Sex of Hoverflies in iNat
Adding annotations to your own observations when uploading
Useful 'Identify' URLs and some thoughts on adding annotations
Making observations 'Research Grade' when the species can't be ID'd

Identification of Particular Groups
Identifying Syrphus in the UK from Photos
Identifying Sphaerophoria in the UK from Photos

What to Look Out For (Monthly guide to underrecorded hoverflies)
Improving the Diversity of Hoverflies on iNatUK: Introducing "What to look out for"
What to look out for: March
What to look out for: April
What to look out for: May
What to look out for: June
What to look out for: July
What to look out for: August
What to look out for: September
What to look out for: October to February

Dec-Jan 2023/4 Twelve Syrphs of Christmas! Advance Notice
Twelve Syrphs of Christmas! Ready to Go...
Twelve Syrphs of Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Twelve Syrphs of Christmas! Update
Twelve Syrphs of Christmas! Debrief.
Nov 2023 2023 November Annotatathon
The Annotatothometer is set! Here goes...
Annotators please refresh your URLs

State of the Syrphs
Pre-CNC Update and Strategising
'Tis the Season to be IDing :)

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