1000-species-challenge 2023 - finished!

On my moth walk last night I found a lifer, which I identified as Chrysodeixis chalcites and which was confirmed shortly after by @einheit21 . This was # 1000!
First of all a big thank you to all 588 identifiers, without which of course this challenge wouldn't have been possible!

Here are the statistics (in brackets the numbers of the 1st September)
Mammals: 10 (9)
Birds: 170 (165)
Reptiles: 10 (10)
Amphibians: 3 (3)
Actinopterygii: 33 (32)
Elasmobranchii: 1 (1)
Tunicata: 1 (1)

-> Chordata: 228

Hymenoptera: 33 (29)
Diptera: 16 (12)
Hemiptera: 62 (58)
Lepidoptera: 224 (150)
Coleoptera: 104 (96
Orthoptera: 9 (7)
Odonata: 24 (20)
Blattodea: 3 (2)
Mantodea: 5 (4)
Neuroptera: 3 (3)
Embioptera: 1 (0)
Archaeognatha: 1 (1)

-> Insects: 485

Mollusca: 51 (32)
Polychaeta: 2 (2)
Arachnida: 34 (28)
Crustacea: 16 (14)
Myriapoda: 2 (1)
Cnidaria: 7 (7)
Echinodermata: 3 (3)
Porifera: 1 (1)

-> Animals total: 829

Fungi: 5 (5)
Plantae: 162 (146)
Bacteria: 1 (1)
Chromista: 2 (2)
Protozoa: 1 (1)

I won’t be able to take on a new challenge like 1000 animals or 1000 species of Spain, but I’ll continue the year and see where I stand on New Year’s Eve.
Recently especially my nightly moths walks have been really successful and I wonder how many more new moths I can find.

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Brilliant, congratulations! It must have felt good to track your species throughout the year, approaching your goal!

Publicado por muir hace 4 meses

Thanks, yes it was quite exciting, fortunately there are many good identifiers, so when I was sure of a species it usually got RG within a day. The only thing is, I don't even have a list, just the URL search. In 2021 I had a challenge of finding a different animal every day and in the end I made a photo book of "My daily beast". I often look at it to see what I found at a special time and it helps me to remember the species (and learn the names).

Publicado por susanne-kasimir hace 4 meses

A photo book is such a good idea that I might steal it from you. Going through old observations is a source of joy for me and helps me remember.

I don't know how to make a species list from the search url, but there's more tech savvy people on the forum. Maybe ask there.

Yes three cheers for the iNat community and identifiers! I set some challenges for myself this year and would never have made my goals without them: https://www.inaturalist.org/journal/muir/75003-2023-is-my-inat-big-year

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@muir , welcome to make a photo book, there is nothing to steal about :-) (I use blurb; they are quite expensive, but good quality and you can do the layout the way you want. Also, once you have bought a book, it's available for you or others to buy (again), so an extra safety measure https://www.blurb.com/user/strick_else?profile_preview=true)

Wow, your big year is another scale! Congratulations for reaching all your goals! But you travel a lot, which I don't - so I don't (want) to compare. I see you are continuing your streak - great! I bet it's not easy now. Good luck and determination for the rest of the year.

Publicado por susanne-kasimir hace 4 meses

Thanks! I really try not to compare myself to others on iNat. What is a Big Year for me with a lot of effort etc, is utterly routine for others.

Publicado por muir hace 4 meses

Just popped by to check up. A bit late, but congratulations!

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