Tuesday afternoon on old campus

Date: 2/20/2024
Time: 2:05-2:35 PM
Location: Waterman Green outside Royal Tyler theatre on UVM campus
Weather: Sunny, dry, cold, around 20 degrees farenheit
Habitat: urban/park type

On my walk home from class I decided to observe some birds on campus for my winter birding journal prompt. This is because I noticed a large group of American Crows in a tree above me. The birds were in a group of at least 100, but it was hard to tell because they are dark and there were so many of them. This is a common behavior seen by this species all over Burlington. The Crows do this to conserve body heat by roosting together in large numbers. With such cold temperatures this is a behavior seen more often in winter. They often will fly up off of the tree as if they are startled, but then return to the tree as if nothing happened. There are not many dead trees on campus to observe behaviors associated with snags.

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Cuervo Norteamericano (Corvus brachyrhynchos)




Febrero 20, 2024


Large group of American Crows roosting together, temperature below freezing 2PM


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