Jackdaw's everyday lives #1

This story happened on March 27. A pair of jackdaws, sitting quietly near their future nest, proudly surveyed the surroundings. They decided to build their nest in the ventilation shaft of a 9-storey building.

The advantage of this place was a staircase that people have not used for many years. And this staircase conveniently covers the entrance to the future nest. It is also very convenient to sit on it. Well, yes, the disadvantage is that there is a kestrel's nest ten meters away. But here, it is not clear who will interfere with whom - we, the proud Jackdaw tribe, or they - just some Falcons.

And one more thing. Of course, there is a disadvantage that besides the two of us jackdaws, there are other jackdaws. Who for some reason need to sit on our, which has become so familiar, staircase. And we have to sort things out.

In this photo series, you, dear readers, can see an example of such a showdown.

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Grajilla Occidental (Corvus monedula)




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