Kestrel's everyday lives #7

Analyzing bird behavior is for professionals. I am not an ornithologist at all, but yesterday, on April 3rd, the female's behavior changed and she no longer spends hours on the edge of the niche, observing the surroundings.

She was in the depth of the niche all day - this suggests that eggs have appeared in the nest. Of course, it was raining yesterday. However, the day before yesterday the rain was even heavier. And it didn't stop her from being in her usual places - on the edge of the niche, at the highest point of the roof, or flying about her business.

Judging by the video broadcast from - which is in the same city - there are already three eggs in the nest. And the first one appeared on March 30, 2024. On March 30th, our heroes had an active fight for the female by three male competitors - photos will appear someday.

In the meantime, a photo of the couple together - the female (left) and the male (right) in their nesting niche.

Best regards, Ivan

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