Nesting Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe
Photographer: William Wise | iNat Observation: 38374732 - Eastern Phoebe; Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. April 9, 2017.

Although it is the Barn Swallows that are busy about the posts on my neighbors’ front porches, it is an Eastern Phoebe that has once again attempted a nest on our front patio. Two years ago, the nest was destroyed before completion. Last year, the attempt appeared to be successful but was blown down by strong winds several weeks later, leaving unhatched eggs to perish under the overturned nest on the ground. This year’s nest seems of fine construction, neatly padded with fresh green moss, and has so far withstood one very windy day.

The Phoebe sits on her nest quite a bit. Perhaps the eggs are already there. She cocks her head as I come out the front door, and usually takes flight quite quickly. Last Saturday, while doing yardwork, I set up my ladder next to the juniper tree to get a higher angle photo into her nest. Each time I climbed the ladder, she would fly off, and all I got was a poor shot with flash. Today I used a longer lens to stay out of her flight zone. I managed a little more naturally lighted photo.

April 9, 2017; Athens-Clarke County, Georgia

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