Day two of the City Nature Challenge and Area

A huge thank you to the classrooms who came out yesterday to Saskatoon's forests to learn about nature, and their teachers! What an amazing day. Thanks for the people who came out in the evening to connect with Saskatoon's forest!

🌿 Day 2 of the City Nature Challenge Saskatoon and Area 2024 is here, and the excitement is soaring as high as the Western Meadowlarks in the sky! 🦋 Today, keep your eyes peeled for the vibrant flutter of butterflies, the melodic chirping of warblers and sparrows, and the sleek presence of magpies and blackbirds. But that's not all—get ready to be amazed by the intricate world of nature with sightings of running crab spiders, cutworm flies, and even really tiny true velvet mites! 🕷️🦋🌼 Isn't this assortment of wildlife simply exhilarating? 🌟 What will YOU discover today? Share your sightings and join the adventure! Let's celebrate the incredible biodiversity of Saskatoon and Area together! 🌳 #CityNatureChallenge #Saskatoon #NatureExploration #Biodiversity #CommunityEngagement 🌺

With thanks to our sponsors and supporters SaskPower, SaskTel, Saskatoon Nature Society, Wild About Saskatoon, Caswell Hill Community Association, SOS Trees Inc., Rosewood Varsity View Community Association, Nutana Varsity View Community Association, Montgomery Place Varsity View Community Association. City Nature Challenge Saskatoon CNC YXE 2024 led by Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas. Reach if you would like to sponsor the City Nature Challenge, or share the City Nature Challenge information as a collaborator!

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