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06 de mayo de 2024

... And the CNC 2024 is officially closed!

Thanks to everybody who participated in this year's CNC here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley! I'll be working on putting out a larger report/summary, but here are the numbers for our area (taken as screenshots of the project, refreshed at midnight).

Observations: 9,770
(this is down from last year's 11,468, a 14% decrease)

Species: 2,067
(this is about the same as last years 2,079)

Observers: 219
(this is more observers than last year's 197, a 11% increase.

I'll make sure to share the more in-depth info when I have it prepared.

All the best,
John Brush

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15 de mayo de 2024

City Nature Challenge Report for 2024

Hey there folks,

We're just over a week out of the identification period closing, which meant the end of the City Nature Challenge 2024. We did well here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, with 9,873 observations of 2083 species. Most exciting is that we had 220 people who made observations during the CNC, the new high for participation in the seven years our region has been a part of the global bioblitz.

I put together a report that is available here:

Feel free to download it, share it, and give any feedback. I'm particularly interested to know if there are things you'd like to see that aren't included, and if there are any sections that you don't find particularly interesting or valuable. You can comment below or message me.

All the best,
John Brush

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