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27 de septiembre de 2022

Project Launch

We launched the year-long Meanwood Valley Bioblitz at an event at Meanwood Valley Urban farm on 25th September 2022. Around 20 people (plus dogs) attended. After a presentation about the project and subsequent discussion attendees downloaded the app and started mapping the wildlife. There was also coffee and cake thanks to The Barn cafe! At the end of the day we had a fantastic 66 observations of 35 species - what a great start! If anyone needs (or wants to offer!) any further help please just drop me a message either through iNaturalist or by email: clunymacpherson2@gmail.com. Good luck with your observations.

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29 de septiembre de 2022

Species Of The Week Number 1: Elder

I chose this species for our first SOTW because it was the most observed species in the first three days of the Meanwood Valley Bioblitz with Benhartley1, Lucy610 and Bellaswift3 all uploading photos. Elder is the tree that gives us elderberries. It is also a tree rich in mythology. For instance if you are thinking of burning any elder wood to keep warm this winter then don't!! Burning elder will attract the devil for sure.

If you want to go and look at Elder trees in the valley and maybe pick the fruit then have a look at the observations on the project map to see where you can find them. The berries are ripe now but we are getting towards the end of the season so be quick. Elderberry Pie, elderberry jelly and even elderberry gin recipes are all available online. I am more than happy to provide a critical assessment of anything you cook or brew-up up :-)

While you are there see if you can discover some of the moth caterpillars that feed on elder foliage, including the white-spotted pug, swallowtail, dot moth and buff ermine. It would be great to get some of them on our species list.

There is a lovely little video of a year in the life of an elder tree, and much more information besides, on the excellent Woodland Trust website: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/a-z-of-british-trees/elder/

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