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03 de noviembre de 2020

iNat workshop!

Hello all,

If you just started using iNat or have been struggling with it or simply would like a refresher on using it, our own Mission Trails iNatter extraordinaire Millie Basden is giving a lecture on the subject. Thursday Nov 6, at 6pm.

Please register at the link below:


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11 de noviembre de 2020

New project alert! Terrestrial Arthropods of San Diego County.

Hi everyone,
If you are interested in our little friends, check out this new project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/terrestrial-arthropods-of-san-diego-county
TERRESTRIAL ARTHROPODS of San Diego County is an umbrella project that aims to track different groups of insects and arachnids that call San Diego their home. From there, please feel free to visit the other projects to explore all the species that live within the county.
Please join any or all the projects to receive journal update.
If you are interested in helping with the curation of any of these different projects, please send me a private message (@patsimpson2000).

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