100 species added to Singapore Moths project !

In the last post by Roger on 24 June 2017, Singapore Moths on iNaturalist had 138 contributors. 365 species and 2000 observations.

Today, 9 Jun 2018, almost a year later, we added 100 new species to the project ! There are now 239 contributors, 465 species and 3513 observations, that is an addition of 101 contributors, 100 species and 1513 observations!

To be able to add 100 species in a year is an amazing feat and it is only possible because of your dedication and contributions !

THANK YOU and let's see we can hit 4000 observations by end of the year !

Publicado el junio 9, 2018 10:33 MAÑANA por gancw1 gancw1


Indeed Gan! Great progress. And thanks to you for pushing everyone to post.

Publicado por anuj hace casi 6 años

During this period (click here to see details)

126 observers submitted moth observation
1291 observations were submitted
260 species from the 1291 observations
126 iNat members help id the observations

Publicado por gancw1 hace casi 6 años

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