Ant Bioblitz

June 25-July 2 will be the annual ant bioblitz/competition. The goal is to strengthen our knowledge in ant species. The person with the most species within the confines of South Carolina and observed in the range of the event. Keep in mind the main goal is not winning (that was added for more fun) it’s for science. There are several species of ants unobserved in South Carolina. Most species are stuck at 1-3 obs. Please invite anyone in South Carolina to join South Carolina Commited Naturalists and participate in this project.

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I confess I know little about ants other than fire ants that pop up in my yard from time to time, the tiny black ants we always called "piss ants" (why I do not know.)., and a bigger black ant. Any suggestions on a good field guide? I almost pulled the trigger and bought "Ants of North America: A Guide to the Genera" by Brian L. Fisher, but thought I check with you folks first.


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Honestly I don't know of a good field guide. But if you upload the observations of ants they will quickly get identified. There are around a dozen very accurate ant identifiers, in South Carolina.

Best, Luke

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