The First Kinglet

Hey everyone! South Carolina Committed Naturalists Society has grown so much recently, thanks all! Last year we did the kinglet competition before this was an official group and @jtmartin54 won. This is annual competition so we are hosting it again. Will the reigning champion reclaim his title or not? Have fun! It must be an alive with photo Golden or Ruby-crowned Kinglet, observed in the state of South Carolina, Sep-Oct of this year; or even later in the very rare chance that no one finds one. Spread the word for new members who can participate. Also I haven't been as active lately cause I have been travelling, piano, etc... If anyone has any future competition or bioblitzes ideas let me know.

Thanks! Have fun and may the best Inatter win!

If you find one put a link in the comments to the observation so I don't miss it ;)

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

Publicado por norm_shea hace 6 meses

I'll be keeping an eye out!

Publicado por pwilson96 hace 6 meses

New member @kimiller notifying you of the competition.

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 6 meses

I saw one today while walking the dog but couldn't get a photo!! Darn!!

Publicado por abiggs2 hace 5 meses

Awesome! That means they are back so everyone be on high alert!

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 5 meses

I don't know if anyone beat me to the punch yet but I got a (terrible) photo of a RCKI on Sunday:

Publicado por toxmace hace 5 meses

Hmmm, I think you just put a toothpick in a cotton ball and took a picture of it...

Publicado por norm_shea hace 5 meses

I think Tom @toxmace has a winner there! Congrats!

Publicado por abiggs2 hace 5 meses

Nicely done @toxmace!

Publicado por pwilson96 hace 5 meses

Congratulations Tom @toxmace you are the winner of the 2023 Kinglet Competition!

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 5 meses

@norm_shea Shh! Don't give away all my tricks!

Publicado por toxmace hace 4 meses

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