Bioblitz of South Carolina State Parks
Hello! Get out and explore South Carolina's natural beauty through our state park system; from majestic mountains to the soft sandy beaches! Please recruit fellow in agrees to join this group! Friday 15th through Monday the 18th of September! This will be an annual event. Who knows you might just find a kinglet, though that would be rare I would think. 🤔
This is the first of this annual bioblitz. Have fun!

You need to join the Bioblitz project if you plan on visiting a state park during the alotted time.

What should be the species count goal? Ambitious (300) or conservative (100). Comment below

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Thanks all!

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Let me know what our goal should be ;)

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 5 meses

Kinglets come to my back porch in Clemson during the winter - not sure if I have seen them this early

Publicado por patrickbelk hace 5 meses

They were found last year around Oct 4th I think. So probably not going to happen. I am estimating around Oct 2-12 this yeaf.

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 5 meses


Publicado por wildlife13 hace 5 meses

Link has been fixed.

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 5 meses

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