December Bird Count

Starting today and running until January 1st, 2024, at midnight, is the December Bird Count.

It must be observed in the state of SC during the allotted time. The person with the most species wins!
Even this is a competition, we should have a goal as to how much total species of birds we can observe. Please post below what our goal should be. There will be weekly updates every Saturday. May the best birder win!


Publicado el diciembre 4, 2023 04:56 TARDE por wildlife13 wildlife13


My park hosts a race each year where the runners all have different goals. Some are there purely for speed, some carry weights and run more slowly, some are there just to see if they can do it. I'm trying to think of a good analogy; species count, highest number of observations and best photography?

Publicado por lenrely hace 6 meses

@lenrely Sounds good! So have separate titles for each or have them tallied as like points for one title?

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 6 meses

What does everyone else think? I would say separate titles would be more sporting, but if it's all one title I'm going to SC!

Publicado por lenrely hace 6 meses

@lenrely We will do separate titles that will factor in deciding the main title.

Publicado por wildlife13 hace 6 meses

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