Race for the Summer Tanager 2024

Hey everyone.
So I was in the process of making this when I stumbled across an observation by @toxmace
Now it is unclear whether @toxmace saw it as well, or if it was his Dad or Grandpa. So all we know is that someone in that family won! So congrats to all who saw the first Summer Tanager lol! @toxmace Tell your dad/grandpa congratulations!

Also, Committed Naturalist Society will soon have chapters in other states! If you are a member of SCCNS and live in a different state, feel free to start a chapter in your state. I can help just dm me.



Publicado el abril 5, 2024 05:23 TARDE por wildlife13 wildlife13


Dad gets the credit on this one! I've still yet to see the red fella but he's been eating mealworms off and on.

Publicado por toxmace hace 2 meses

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