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23 de mayo de 2024

What about NWA?

Hello ʚïɞ watchers!
I am appealing to anyone able to get out and make an extra effort in the northern half of the state. Last year there was a confirmed sighting in Elm Springs and Fayetteville near Dean Solomon. It is critical that we locate NWA populations since it is getting hit the hardest by fragmented habitat. Really anywhere that is North of the expected sightings such as in the river valley. They may be few and far between so please make the effort. I am only one pair of boots so my territory is limited. Check graveyards, ANHC natural areas, The Nature Conservancy sites and AR Land Trust areas if you have one near you. 10am and 1pm are prime times!

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17 de mayo de 2024

16 de mayo de 2024

They're here!

I don't know how to post a link here but this is the very first Diana of the flight season!


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07 de mayo de 2024

On your mark, get set....

Any minute now! Looks like the earliest Diana in the history was sighted around May 11 so we are getting close. I saw thistles out today so there is food to be had. Has everyone got the Diana Primary plant list that wants it? Holler if you need it!

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15 de marzo de 2024

Wow. Just wow.

I have never seen so many violets as I did today. I am so excited to keep checking back at this location for The Diana. Most of the violets had little nibbles on the leaves!

According to https://nativeplantfinder.nwf.org/Plants/3455 there are 23 species of wildlife that depend on native violets. Something out there sure was!

If you are in NW Arkansas be sure to check out The Nature Conservancy's Logan Springs Preserve located at 15300 Osage Hill Rd, Siloam Springs, AR.

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14 de marzo de 2024

Pollinator Week - Call for Volunteers

Call for volunteers! June 17-23, 2004 at the amazing Ozark Natural Science Center near Huntsville, AR. The Diana Project needs folks to help teach and lead hikes or just fetch and clean. You can volunteer for a day or the whole week. Email me if you are interested!

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05 de marzo de 2024

We have a plant list!

Thanks to a study from Professor William Baltosser* we know The Diana is somewhat of a specialist AND we have a list of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary nectar plants. Lack of preferred food for adults may be playing a huge part in their struggles. Let's plant some of these this year! I have a google sheet to share if anyone wants access, just let me know by emailing me at CitizenScienceNWA@gmail.com

Primary Nectar Plants for Diana fritillary
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed
Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush/Globe Flower
Cirsium carolinianum Carolina/Soft Thistle
Cirsium discolor Field/Pasture Thistle
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower
Monarda fistulosa Beebalm/Wild Bergamot
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Slender Mountain Mint
Monarda russeliana Horsemint/Red Purple Beebalm
Keep in mind the LARVAL HOST PLANT of native Viola sp.

*Conservation Status and Genetic Variation of the Diana Fritillary, William H. Baltosser, Ph.D. – 10 April 2008

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05 de diciembre de 2023

December - Already a big month for The Diana Project!

We had a very well received interview with co-founder Shawn Hunter and Jack Travis, Reporter, Ozarks at Large on KUAF.
Listen to the interview here: https://www.kuaf.com/show/ozarks-at-large/2023-11-30/a-passion-for-pollinators-how-the-diana-project-aims-to-save-the-state-butterfly

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29 de octubre de 2023

Multiple changes

Hello all,
My apologies for the multiple changes today. I have a participant show has multiple sightings on iNat and has joined our project, but her sightings aren't showing up. You may have gotten a few "Do you trust this project" notifications because I was altering settings to try to figure out if I had something set wrong. I also simplified our description a little. Thanks for your patience!

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25 de octubre de 2023

Are there any "Maxent" or javascript users in our group?

I would like to use Maxent software to pinpoint sightings attempts next flight season. There is a software called Maxent that can help do this. It is free but requires some coding knowledge I think, and a computer that has javascript. Any volunteers?

Here is the link to download and find more info:

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