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07 de mayo de 2024

On your mark, get set....

Any minute now! Looks like the earliest Diana in the history was sighted around May 11 so we are getting close. I saw thistles out today so there is food to be had. Has everyone got the Diana Primary plant list that wants it? Holler if you need it!

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16 de mayo de 2024

They're here!

I don't know how to post a link here but this is the very first Diana of the flight season!


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17 de mayo de 2024

23 de mayo de 2024

What about NWA?

Hello ʚïɞ watchers!
I am appealing to anyone able to get out and make an extra effort in the northern half of the state. Last year there was a confirmed sighting in Elm Springs and Fayetteville near Dean Solomon. It is critical that we locate NWA populations since it is getting hit the hardest by fragmented habitat. Really anywhere that is North of the expected sightings such as in the river valley. They may be few and far between so please make the effort. I am only one pair of boots so my territory is limited. Check graveyards, ANHC natural areas, The Nature Conservancy sites and AR Land Trust areas if you have one near you. 10am and 1pm are prime times!

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