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Taxonomic Split 122565 (Guardado el 09/03/2023)

"In accord with AOS-NACC (Chesser et al. 2021), the nomenclature of Phalacrocorax (cormorants and shags), and the sequence of genera and species, are revised, following Kennedy and Spencer (2014) and Kennedy et al. (2019). Phalacrocorax is partitioned into six genera, which are listed in the sequence Poikilocarbo, Urile, Phalacrocorax, Gulosus, Nannopterum, and Leucocarbo."

edit: added Microcarbo as an output since Phalacrocorax wasn't split back in 2016 when the relevant species were moved to Microcarbo, so there could possibly still be older Phalacrocorax IDs pertaining to species in that genus.

Clements Checklist v2021 (Referencia)
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It's probably not worth the effort required to atlas these output genera, since—especially with the inclusion of Microcarbo—nearly all regions with multiple cormorant species also have multiple cormorant genera, so genus-level Phalacrocorax IDs in those regions will be bumped up to family level anyway. Perhaps the most notable exception is interior/southern North America, away from the Pacific coast [Urile spp.] and the northeast [Phalacrocorax carbo], where only double-crested and neotropic cormorants, both Nannopterum, are expected (another with a far smaller number of observations is the southern/eastern Arabian Peninsula, where only great and Socotra cormorants, both Phalacrocorax sensu stricto, overlap). (If Microcarbo is excluded from the split, however, additional large regions with multiple cormorant species and only a single non-Microcarbo genus open up: Australia, southern Asia, and coastal southern Africa, all with multiple species of Phalacrocorax sensu stricto and otherwise only Microcarbo.) Never mind, just finished atlasing them all. (It seems Antarctica isn't able to be selected on atlases, but there's only one species there, Leucocarbo bransfieldensis, and all observations are ID'd as such [or at least Leucocarbo] already)

(A couple hundred Phalacrocorax observations, including in regions where multiple cormorant genera occur, are currently Research grade at genus level. After this split is finalized, I'll go through any newly-Casual-grade-at-family-level observations and add DQA votes and/or IDs to bring them back down to one of the newly-restricted genera, if possible.)

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aaaand committed
should run over the next couple days or so probably

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Wasn't Leucocarbo already separate?

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