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Shen et al., 2024:-

Calicotis Meyrick, 1889 (Fig. 2; Fig. 5a–b)
Calicotis Meyrick, 1889: 170. Type species: Calicotis crucifera Meyrick,
1889, by monotypy. Gender feminine.
Pachyrhabda Meyrick,1897 (in Meyrick 1897: 312). Syn. nov.

3.2. Taxon treatment
Prior to the present study, Cuprininae was composed of seven named genera: Cuprina Sinev, 1988; Calicotis Meyrick, 1889; Thylacosceles Meyrick, 1889; Pachyrhabda Meyrick, 1897; Actinoscelis Meyrick, 1912; Lissocnemitis Meyrick, 1934; Thylacosceloides Sinev, 1988. However, our phylogenetic results revealed that the current generic delimitation in Cuprininae is incongruent with the evolutionary lineages. According to the phylogenetic tree, Cuprininae is composed of seven well-supported lineages (posterior probability: 0.98–1, Fig. 2), which diverged about 25–35 million years ago. Moreover, the type species of Pachyrhabda, P. steropodes, was nested within the Calicotis lineage in the phylogeny. Based on the phylogenetic result, Pachyrhabda is treated as a new synonym of Calicotis. Likewise, Lissocnemitis is treated as a new synonym of Calicotis because the type species, L. argolyca, was nested within Calicotis lineage.

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